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Doreen Lindof headshot  Doreen Lindof

"I love doing all I can to make the buying and selling process easy!"


About Doreen:  

I grew a love for real estate through owning family homes and investment properties throughout my life. Now, as a realtor, I'm thrilled to share the potential and prosperity of real estate with others. The customer service, leadership, and communication skills developed throughout my time as a gym owner and manager for a large fitness chain have become a real asset for my clients through buying and selling real estate. 

When I'm not completing real estate transactions with my clients, I love spending time with my husband, children, and grandchildren, gardening in the backyard, and keeping up on all things interior design and staging. Originally from Lowell, MA, and I have been a New Hampshire resident since 1983. 

What It's Like to Work With Me:

  • I respond to emails, calls, and texts quickly because timeliness is critical in many successful real estate transactions.
  • With my customer service and business operations experience, I will assist you in a friendly and organized manner to find the right home or to sell your existing property as you move on to the next phase or adventure in life.
  • Working together means you will have the confidence that you've got someone on your side who is sincere, hard-working, and knowledgeable about the process of buying and selling real estate. As a member of NH Homes Group, I also bring the team's combined network and experience as a resource to all of my clients. 

Didi Genest headshot

Didi Genest

"I love all things real estate, especially helping you buy or sell your ideal property!"


About Didi:  

My natural interest in design and residential architecture has fueled my love for everything real estate. As a result, being a realtor has never felt like "work ." I've passionately followed local and regional real estate for over 25 years buying and selling single-family homes and investment properties. 

With a broad range of expertise, I work well with clients with different experience levels in real estate. I love seeing smiles at the closing table from first-time buyers when handed the keys to their perfect home as much as the satisfaction of a seasoned property owner buying or selling their lakefront property. I love that real estate is a relationship business, and more than one transaction has resulted in a genuine friendship that's lasted for years.

In my non-real estate hours, you can find me swimming, pursuing my passion for interior design, cooking, and spending downtime with my beautiful great-granddaughter as well as my side-kick/best friend, a King Charles Spaniel named Ellie. I've lived in Manchester my entire life and love the Queen City! If there is anything you want to know about Manchester, just ask Me!

What It's Like to Work With Me:

  • You'll benefit from my knowledge of the industry and know that you are my priority when we work together.
  • I stay on top of everything, am there when you call and remain focused on doing all I can to keep the buying or selling process running as smoothly as possible from start to finish.
  • I have a special passion for helping first-timers finding that perfect place. You may even see me shedding a few tears of joy for you at closing!

Caryn Lindergren headshot Caryn Lindergren

"I love helping families find their home sweet home."


About Caryn:  

One of my favorite things about being a realtor is knowing you helped someone with one of the most significant decisions of their life. Selling a property or getting an offer accepted in a challenging market is a fulfilling accomplishment for everyone involved. I make it a point to be on the same page with everyone I represent, so communication and information during the entire process are essential to me. 

It doesn't matter if you are new and have never been through a pre-approval process or if you're an old hat, financially ready, and know what to expect from the current market. I never get tired of helping people find their new home or sell an existing home and seek to create lasting relationships.

I'm originally from New York but loved New Hampshire so much I made it my home sweet home. I have a son born and raised here in Manchester, NH, and have been active in the community with school and sports. I love exploring this great state of ours, being a part of our growing real estate team.

What It's Like to Work With Me:

  • I want you to feel comfortable knowing the market and that I'll be here to advise during every part of the process.
  • I treat everyone with respect and approach my profession with energy and a collaborative mindset because we are all trying to make lives better through real estate!
  • I believe communication, attentiveness to every detail, and a positive attitude produce the best results.

kim bishop headshot

Kim Bishop

"I feel blessed to have the opportunity to assist people on their real estate journey because a home can be a legacy passed down through the generations."


About Kim:  

I understand the challenges of buying, selling, managing, building, and renovating properties as I have done them all. I bring this extensive level of real estate experience to every client and real estate transaction. 

My love of architecture and design, attention to detail, and desire to help people brought me to real estate, where I get to assist people in fulfilling their dream of "coming home."

Integrity, hard work, creativity, and passion for helping people have been the tenets of my life. I enjoy getting to know all of my clients and find satisfaction in helping you find that one property you love and playing a pivotal role in completing the transaction to make it yours.

I've happily resided in Bedford for the past nine years with my beloved family. I enjoy walking my neighborhood or hiking the various terrain New Hampshire offers, always accompanied by my furry friends. New Hampshire is in my blood, having enjoyed spending time here since early childhood and developing a love for the land and the people who call it home. 


What It's Like to Work With Me:

  • I bring experience, calmness, and professionalism as we travel through the buying or selling process together. You'll always feel comfortable asking questions.
  • I'll provide you with the relevant information and timely responses that help move the transaction forward.
  • You'll find that my education and skills as a Physical Therapist Assistant will be beneficial as I know how the body reacts to stress, and for some, the ups and downs of real estate can be stressful. I aim to bring a sense of ease to the process through clear thinking and attention to detail. 

sara quintero headshot

Sagrario "Sara" Quintero

"I want to help people realize that it is not as hard as they think to own a property and create a legacy."


About Sara:  

I came to the United States when I was nine years old from the Dominican Republic and speak both English and Spanish fluently. Buying my first home was a dream come true. As a realtor, I want to help people realize that it is not as hard as they think to own a property to start or continue growing a family and create a legacy.

I help clients with different types of needs feel confident in the whole experience of buying or selling a property. If you are new to home buying, I can help you understand the entire process, including the financial aspects. If you are more seasoned, leveraging my experience and being open to suggestions and advice is how we achieve our best results together. 

Outside of real estate, I enjoy reading, cooking, and going to the movies. I'm married with both a daughter and a son making my favorite pastime enjoying the company of my family! I have a background in the banking industry, teaching, and insurance and hold a degree in liberal arts. 


What It's Like to Work With Me:

  • When you work with me, you will get more than an agent working hard on your behalf. You will experience my enthusiasm because it is exciting to know that I can help you achieve your buying or selling goals.
  • I am a very responsive, empathetic, and transparent person who truly cares about your needs and is willing to go the extra mile.
  • I want to make the whole experience of buying or selling a property as low-stress as possible. I know what it's like to be in your shoes and understand the feelings that exist when making a big decision. I'll make you feel confident by keeping you informed and well-advised every step of the way.